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With the COSI Connects Zoo Kit, you will travel around the world and learn about how zoos help different animals like sea turtles, penguins, giraffes, and polar bears. You’ll make a reusable bag, play Hungry, Hungry Humboldts, create a zoo habitat, and more as you learn what you can do to help animals too! Recommended grades: 2-6.


Number of Activities:      6

Activity Descriptions: 

Activity 1 - Make a Reusable Bag - Help the hawksbill sea turtle by making your own reusable bag that can take the place of single-use plastic bags.

Activity 2 - Play Hungry, Hungry Humboldts - Grab some friends and learn about Humboldt penguins with a penguin board game. Explore how sustainable choices help them have enough fish to eat.

Activity 3 - Make a Bee Hotel - Learn about the Malayan flying fox, a large bat that is also a pollinator. Then, build a Bee Hotel to help pollinators in your area.

Activity 4 - Giraffe Checkup - Become a wildlife veterinarian as you diagnose and help a wild giraffe.

Activity 5 - Climate Impact - Build your own miniature greenhouse to explore the greenhouse effect and its impact on polar bears.

Activity 6 - Build a Habitat - Imagine you work for the zoo as you build a model animal habitat!        

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