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In this kit, young learners will make a pretend telescope, launch a rocket, design their own space suit, and more. With the hands-on and bonus activities in your kit, your little one will learn what space is and how we see it, what it takes to become an astronaut, how to train for a trip to the moon, and take off on a space adventure! For ages 3-6.

          Number of Activities:            8

           Activity Descriptions:

 Activity 1 - Make a Pretend Telescope – Learn about space and how we can see it as you build your own pretend telescope!

Activity 2 - Memory Match – Do you have a good memory? Learn about the planets in our solar system and play different matching games!

Activity 3 - Make a Rocket – Have you ever seen a rocket? Build your own rocket and watch it fly as you blast it off into space!

Activity 4 - Paint the Night Sky – Do you love art and painting? Make a painting that can show the stars in the sky.

Activity 5 - Make Moon Craters – When rocks from space hit the Moon, they make dents, or craters on it. Use playdough to make your own Moon craters!

Activity 6 - Build a Moon Base - Use the materials in your kit to build your own Moon Base, a place to live and work while on the Moon!

Activity 7 - Learn About Gravity – If you jump high in the air, you fall back down to Earth – that’s because of gravity. Explore how gravity works by watching coffee filters fall in different ways.

Activity 8 - Make a Space Suit - Get ready to build a space suit to help your Earth Rock make it to the Moon safely!


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