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How many native Ohio birds can you find? Can you create camouflage to help an animal hide from predators? Use the COSI Connects Nature Kit as your guide while you explore and learn about the science behind plants, animals, and ecosystems - including those living in your own backyard! Recommended grades: K-8.

Each Kit comes with a colorful and engaging activity book for the learner complete with activity instructions, career connections, space to record their findings, activity pages, and more.
Below are additional materials that can be found in the Kit to accompany each activity. Some supplies may be used for multiple activities.

Animal Hide and Seek
 Animal Cutout sheet

What’s For Dinner?
 Food Web Cards

 Child’s binoculars

What’s a Watershed?
 Blank sheet of paper
 Spray bottle
 Glue dots

 Matching picture cards

Bonus Activity: Create Your Own Water Filter
 Paper cups
 Plastic cup
 Coffee filters

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