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This box will take you on a journey as you explore the cutting-edge science and exciting future of Engineering and transportation!

Number of Activities:      5

 Activity Descriptions:

Activity 1 - Become an Engineer - Learners will explore how friction works as they create their own friction board, test the friction between surfaces, and determine which surfaces have the most friction between them.

Activity 2 - Learn from other Engineers - Learners will watch an Engineer explain how they can control the amount of friction on the Hyperloop. Then, learners will explore magnetic forces for themselves with ring magnets.

Activity 3 - Make a Plan - Learners will explore magnetic fields extending from their ring magnets as well as Earth’s magnetic field. They will use a compass to determine which way is North and design a map.

Activity 4 - Build, Test, and Improve - Learners will design, build, test, and improve a track that will get a marble from point A to point B!

Activity 5 - Create your Model Hyperloop Set - Learners will mold a model Hyperloop pod from clay and build a Hyperloop tube for it. They will explore how to reduce the friction to make their pod slide more quickly through the tube.

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