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Engineers invent, design, build, and test. They make machines, buildings, materials, and even chemical formulas. There are many different kinds of engineers. In this box, you will explore the many faces of engineering!

Each COSI Connects engineer box is filled with engaging, hands-on STEM activities. COSI’s education experts have created these activities to encourage and reinforce Ohio's Learning Standards. The instructions and materials needed are listed for each activity inside the engineer activity book.

Activity 1 - Aerospace Engineer – Make a Glider
 Six Strips of Paper

Activity 2 – Chemical Engineer and Materials Engineer – The Perfect Bubble Challenge
 Four Pipe Cleaners
 Measuring Spoon (1 Tablespoon)
 Measuring Cup (1 Cup)
 Craft Stick
 Three Tablespoons of Dish Soap
 Three Tablespoons of Glycerin

Activity 3 – Structural Engineer – Build a Structure Out of Paper
 36 Paper Rectangles
 Ten Longer Paper Rectangles

Activity 4 – Marine Engineer – Design a Neutrally Buoyant Submarine
 Plastic Container
 Two Film Canisters
 Small Weights
 Rubber Bands
 Paper Clips
 Play Dough
 Dried Beans
 Submarine Sticker Sheet

Activity 5 – Electrical Engineer - Make a Miniature Car!
 Double Sided Tape
 Clear Tape
 Racecar Body Cutout
 Race Tracks

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