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With this box, you will become a paleontologist! A paleontologist is someone who studies fossils to learn about life on Earth a really, really long time ago. Make your own model fossils, excavate one of them, and even document a REAL fossil!

Each Kit comes with a collectible pin, colorful and engaging activity book for the learner complete with activity instructions, career connections, space to record their findings, activity pages, and more.
Below are additional materials that can be found in the Kit to accompany each activity. Some supplies may be used for multiple activities.

Activities & What's Included:

What Happened First?
 Geological time puzzle cutout sheet
 “Events in Earth’s History” Cards

Make a Fossil!
 Epsom salt
 Plastic spoon
 Tooth or Toe cards

Make an Impression!
 Skeleton dinosaur toy
 Modeling clay

Sedimentary Rock
 Dinosaur toy
 Plastic Cup
 3 “soil layer” containers (corn starch mixed with sand and soil)
 Plastic spoon
 Measuring spoon

Document a Real Fossil
 COSI pen
 Glue dots

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